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Basic Training

For beginners and everyone how is new to the world of 3D vision.

The training teaches participants the basics in the area of calibration of the camera-robot system and parameterization of the camera for optimal detection of the components, as well as collision-free gripping of the components by the robot. The participants are then able to independently implement simple image processing applications.


Training modules:

1. Introductory lecture about Mech-Minds hardware and software.

2. Establish the connection between an industrial personal computer (IPC), a camera and a robot.

3. Setup and parameterization of the camera.

4.Introduction to the Mech-Mind online documentation and the Mech-Mind online community.

5. Introduction to the three options for transferring data to a robot or third party device, workpiece poses only, workpiece poses and collision-free waypoints, or moving the robot via the Mech-Mind software.

6. Preparing the robot to use workpiece positions and collision-free waypoints or moving the robot via the Mech-Mind software.

7. Calibration of the camera with the robot (eye in hand/eye to hand) and flexible use of the calibration in different vision projects.

8. Creating a simple project from scratch using a quick start guide.

9. Modification of typical solution templates and universal application templates.

10.Introduction to collision-free path planning.


Duration: 3 days, 1 day of which is free training with support.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of network technology, point clouds, structured light, robot kinematics.


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Advanced Training

In addition to the Basics training.

Through the training, participants gain in-depth knowledge of software, script programming, deep learning and URCaps, as well as communication via PLC and are able to independently implement more complex machine vision applications.


Training modules:

1. Introduction to special steps and procedures in Mech-Minds 3D vision software Mech-Vision. Deepening the knowledge of parameterization of steps. Script programming for custom logic.

2. Development and usage of custom logic via adapter (script programming) in Mech-Minds intelligent programming environment and robot simulation software Mech-Viz.

3. Introduction to the different robot communication interfaces robot server, standard interface and adapter in Mech-Minds communication center software Mech-Center.

4. Introduction to Mech-Minds deep learning software Mech-DLK with general operation, typical deep learning applications, data acquisition from parts, smart labeling, model training, use in vision projects.

5.Introduction to the model-free PickAnything application.

6. Introduction to UR-Caps, sending collision-free waypoints, sending only workpiece poses or user-defined data to the robot controller.

7. Introduction to communication via a programmable logic controller (PLC).

8. Introduction to dual camera applications for highly reflective parts.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisites: Knowledge of PLC programming, Python/Java programming, basic knowledge of Deep Learning is helpful.


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Expert Training

In addition to the Advanced and Basics training.

Through the training, participants gain in-depth knowledge in the area of troubleshooting and their elimination in image processing applications, as well as the creation of graphical user interfaces. This will enable the participants to independently implement complex image processing applications.


Training modules:

1. Deepening technical skills to create complex vision applications.

2. Deepening of troubleshooting skills.

3. Introduction to graphical user interface (GUI) application development with region of interest (ROI) selection, script programming (adapters), and error detection/debugging.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Python and Qt programming


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Custom Training

Certain knowledge or experience is already existing but you would like to go deeper on specific topics?

Contact us and we will create an individual training for your team and your needs.


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