Cost-efficient manufacturing processes in industry

By using artificial intelligence, Mech-Mind Robotics enables fully automated assembly processes, such as those required in the automotive, household appliance and furniture industries. The cost-efficient all-in-one solutions can be implemented quickly and easily in almost any automation process. 

With the help of high-resolution 3D point clouds, image recognition ensures the process-reliable assembly, screwing and sealing of complex components - regardless of their size or material composition. Even cable connections can be carried out with the highest precision. 


Core advantages of the Mech-Mind solution


Especially in industrial manufacturing, the cost efficiency of process architectures is a decisive success factor. Due to their ease of implementation and attractive price-performance ratio, the system solutions from Mech-Minds Robotics usually enable a return on investment within one year. 

Intelligent motion control

With impressive speed and high precision, Mech-Mind Robotics' 3D scanners and AI even support assembly operations in motion. Thanks to Deep Learning, the robots gain the ability to automatically adjust the orientation of disordered components. 

AI-supported and intelligent

Dark or reflective surfaces are often a real challenge in automated assembly and sealing processes. The coordinated interaction of sensitive camera sensors and intelligent visualization software from Mech-Mind Robotics enables fast detection and collision-free action even in difficult lighting conditions.

Easy deployment

There is no easier way to program the robotics process: Our Mech-Viz process software does away the need to write a single line of code. Instead, the individual process steps are configured quickly and easily on the screen using visualized modules. Including automatic simulation of the motion sequence.


Robot controlled process automation

Increase quality, consistency and productivity through automation in manufacturing. Mech-Mind Robotics offers optimal solutions for vision-guided assembly of subassemblies, joining and connecting parts, and fully automated gluing, for example with the help of adhesive beads.


+/- 0.05 mm at 0.6 m distance, up to +/- 3.0 mm at 3 m distance.


Support of simple to complex geometries. Optimal recognition of all surface types, from matte to glossy, reflective or even partially transparent. Even colors do not play a role.

Cycle time

up to 2 seconds per cycle


Even dark or highly reflective parts with complex structures are reliably detected

In applications such as gluing operations, the Mech-Eye camera detects the orientation of the component and adjusts the path planning for the Mech-Viz robot controller accordingly. Advanced algorithms such as collision checking, planning of gripping poses and motion planning enable fast programming and error prevention.


Suitable cameras


High speed and very high accuracy up to 0.05 mm, with a field of view of max. 430 × 320 mm, for parts from 2 to 200 mm. Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

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Pro S

High speed and precision with fields of view up to 800 × 450 mm, suitable for KLT, cardboards and small boxes/crates.  Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

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Pro M 

High speed and precision with fieldsof view up to 1,500 × 890 mm, suitable for one Euro pallet or one mesh box. Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces).

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Case Studies

Furniture industry: Bonding of backrests

In image vision, white surfaces mean zero information. Therefore, white is a great challenge for vision-based automation processes. For a furniture manufacturer, Mech-Mind Robotics implemented an AI-supported solution that reliably detects randomly placed white backrest on an assembly line and glues them precisely along defined contours. This is made possible by the use of the high-resolution, low-reflection Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D camera, which generates exact 3D images even of black or reflective components.

White goods: High-precision assembly of heating panels

Heating panels are central components in air conditioning units. Until now, the irregularly stacked, complexly structured heating panels could not be reliably processed in the existing automation system of a white goods manufacturer. Mech-Mind Robotics installed a realistic test environment with the customer's original components in its own laboratory. Using a Mech-Eye 3D camera with a large field of view and Mech-Vision intelligent machine vision, a solution was delivered that achieves 99.99% accuracy in AI-assisted assembly.

White goods: Spot weld detection

Schweißpunkt-Erkennung durch die Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D-Kamera in der Fertigung von Klimageräten

The Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D camera with high precision and anti-reflection generates high quality 3D image data of the welding spots on complex copper tubes, such as those used in the manufacture of air conditioning units. This makes it possible to precisely align the muzzle of a locator with the weld points at various positions on the tube and thus detect leaks. In this way, Mech-Mind Robotics has succeeded in automating the time-consuming process of manual leak detection and drastically reducing error rates in quality control.

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