NEU: Mech-Eye Laser, die industrielle 3D-Kamera um die KI-definierte Robotik weiter zu stärken

Die neue industrielle 3D-Laserkamera zeichnet sich durch Fremdlichtresistenz, hochpräzise Bildgebung und ein erweitertes Sichtfeld aus.


BEIJING, May 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fast-growing Chinese AI industrial robotics startup, Mech-Mind Robotics (“Mech-Mind”), launches its next-generation Mech-Eye  Laser Industrial 3D Camera which overcomes ambient light interference, greatly optimizing the operational capacity of industrial robotics.

Release of New Generation of Mech-Eye Laser 3D Laser Camera


Industrial 3D cameras play an essential role in modern manufacturing. Yet, when it comes to actual factory and warehouses, ambient light interference in complex environments always diminishes their ability to acquire and reconstruct image.

Equipped with fast laser-generated structured light, Mech-Eye Laser boasts ambient light resistance even under sunlight exceeds 10000 lux, significantly reducing shading facility requirements. This makes Mech-Eye Laser well-suited for construction, logistics, automobile, and steel making.

To demonstrate this feature, Mech-Mind tested Mech-Eye Laser and other 3D cameras under typical lighting conditions at their best performance. Tested in standard factory lighting conditions, the point cloud generated by Mech-Eye Laser was by far the most detailed, accurate, and complete.


Release of New Generation of Mech-Eye Laser 3D Laser Camera


In addition, Mech-Eye Laser’s notable product features include:

  • High precision and large field-of-view with imaging time shortened to approximately 0.9 second possible. This enables Mech-Eye Laser to meet a wide variety of complex manufacturing applications, including stacking, loading and unloading of differently-sized items, high-precision assembly/positioning, and gluing.
  • Industrial-grade design with IP65. Mech-Eye Laser is encased in a fully enclosed aluminum housing body and able to overcome humidity, dust, vibrations, and any EMC/EMI, obtaining CE, FCC, VCCI, and RoHS certifications.  
  • Easy to deploy and use.  Mech-Eye Laser comes with a multi-language SDK for platforms. End-users can use Mech-Vision graphical vision software and Mech-Viz intelligent robot programming environment to develop customized applications.
  • Competitive Price. Mech-Eye Laser is extremely competitive in terms of pricing. Moreover, this camera also enables end-users to reduce manpower and material investment for shading facilities, which enhances its cost-effectiveness even more.

With such features and potential, Mech-Mind’s solutions are currently being deployed across wide-ranging industries including manufacturing, steel, food, logistics, finance, and healthcare.

Mech-Mind has developed a full infrastructure and product portfolio including 3D cameras, machine vision algorithms and software, and intelligent robot programming environment.

“Mech-Mind is driven by the philosophy to empower partners and integrators with competitive products and comprehensive service,”says Tianlan Shao, Founder & CEO of Mech-Mind.

 “Moving forward, Mech-Mind will focus on leveraging our technical strength to help our partners pioneer the next frontier of manufacturing.”  



About Mech-Mind Robotics

Mech-Mind was founded in 2016 to put intelligence into industrial robots. Through advanced technologies including deep learning, 3D vision, and motion planning, Mech-Mind offers cost-effective solutions to palletizing and depalletizing, bin picking, order sorting, machine tending and assembly/gluing/locating in logistics and manufacturing.

Mech-Mind's intelligent industrial robot solutions are used in automotive OEM plants, appliance plants, steel plants, food plants, logistics warehouses, banks, and hospitals in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the U.S.