Mech-Mind Robotics Completes Series C+ Funding Led by Meituan and IDG Capital

With a total funding of over USD 200 million, Mech-Mind is driving the ubiquity of intelligent robots.

With four large-scale fundings in the past 18 months, Mech-Mind Robotics has become one of the companies with the highest financing in the field of AI for industrial robotics in the world. The latest Series C+ funding, which brings Mech-Mind’s total funding to over USD 200 million, was led by Meituan and IDG, with participation from the existing investors Sequoia Capital China and Source Code Capital.


Focused on Robotics-Infrastructure in the AI era, Mech-Mind develops a full suite of products and solutions integrating industrial 3D Camera Mech-Eye, Machine Vision Software Mech-Vision, Robot Programming Environment Mech-Viz, which enables robotic arms to be more intelligent to handle bin-picking issues easily in manufacturing plants and logistic warehouses.


Here are typical examples of the provided scalable solutions:

  • Depalletizing
  • Palletizing
  • Bin-Picking
  • PickAnything – pre-trained neural network
  • Machine-tending
  • Assembly
  • Locating
  • Sealing


Tianlan Shao, Mech-Mind Robotics CEO and founder, says, “Our products are designed to fundamentally reframe the manufacturing pain points by utilizing the practice of AI and human-robotics interaction. Our products and services already create visible business returns for nearly 1,000 clients worldwide.”

“Mech-Mind has developed a full infrastructure and product portfolio including 3D cameras, machine vision algorithms, software, and an intelligent robot programming environment,” says Shao. “Our products have been widely deployed, enabling us to acquire profound experience from real-life applications. Moving forward, Mech-Mind will focus on empowering robotic solutions providers and integrators to create more solutions and applications.”
In addition, Mech-Mind also provides comprehensive services, including staff training, deployment planning, marketing support, and collaboration on challenging projects.


With nearly 500 people based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Qingdao, Munich, Tokyo, and other places, Mech-Mind is one of the leading AI and 3D vision solution specialists for industrial robots.


                                                                 Beijing - HQ                                                                      Shanghai



                                                                   Shenzhen                                                                        Qingdao



                                                                   Munich                                                                              Tokyo


Extensive knowledge in core technologies like optical/mechanical/electrical devices, imaging algorithms, visual recognition algorithms, robotics algorithms, and industrial software development in combination with a strong after-sales support, trainings, and production capabilities, make Mech-Mind a reliable partner. Mech-Mind is looking forward to support many robot solution providers and integrators to develop quickly further applications for intelligent robots thanks to the easy-to-use, high performance, and competitive priced products.