Mech-Eye SDK 2.1.0 Release Notes

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Mech-Eye SDK 2.1.0 Software
Camera software including Mech-Eye Viewer:

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Mech-Mind Product Portfolio

Mech-Mind Application Examples


Case Studies: Automotive Production

Data Sheets

Mech-Eye NANO

Mech-Eye PRO S

Mech-Eye PRO M

MechEye LSR L

Mech-Eye DEEP

Mech-Eye LOG S

Mech-Eye LOG M

Mech-Eye UHP

CAD files

You need the CAD data of our cameras to plan your robot cell? Here you can download the .step files for free. 

Download CAD data

EU Declaration of Conformity

Below are the EU declarations of conformity for the Mech-Eye 3D cameras.

V3 models

V4 models