automation solutions for intralogistics

With the latest technologies such as Deep Learning, Mech-Mind Robotics offers complete, cost-effective and easy-to-implement automation solutions for palletizing. The intelligent loading of pallets and boxes is AI-supported with optimal space and room utilization.


Core advantages of the Mech-Mind solution


Most of our 3D vision solutions for palletizing and depalletizing give you an ROI of less than one year.

Intelligent motion control

With the support of artificial intelligence and deep learning, our all-in-one solutions recognize a wide variety of situations and environments. A collision-free motion sequence with monitoring of the robot singularity is thus fulfilled in a process-safe manner.

AI-supported and intelligent

With our sophisticated algorithms for path planning and collision monitoring, even unsorted pallets can be loaded and unloaded with process reliability.

Quick and easy deployment

The robot is controlled via Mech-Viz: a graphical programming interface that functions completely without coding. With just a few mouse clicks, the motion sequences are defined and then automatically calculated. The result can be checked in advance via an integrated, three-dimensional simulation and individually adapted if necessary.


Robot-controlled palletizing – fully automated

Mech-Mind Robotics enables the safe unloading of cartons and bags of various sizes and shapes by robots. Regardless of whether only simple placing is required or intelligent sorting is desired afterwards. Likewise, the loading of pallets can be intelligently designed with the Mech-Mind Robotics system: structured with optimal space utilization even with mixed packages.


+/- 0.05 mm at 0.6 m distance, up to +/- 3.0 mm at 3 m distance.


Support of randomly arranged objects with different sizes, shapes and surface textures.

Cycle time

up to 4 seconds per cycle


Even dark or highly reflective parts with complex structures are reliably detected

Mech-Mind Robotics' autonomous palletizing and depalletizing algorithm allows the robot to remove the objects carefully and avoiding collisions, ensuring maximum stability.


Suitable cameras

Pro M

High speed and precision with fieldsof view up to 1,500 × 890 mm, suitable for one Euro pallet or one mesh box. Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

to our cameras


High speed and precision with fields of view up to 3,500 × 2,800 mm. Suitable for two Euro pallets or two mesh boxes.  Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

to our cameras


Pet food industry: Case Depalletizing and Palletizing

Optimizing the inbound and outbound processes by using vision guided depalletizing and palletizing solutions can be so easy. The system can be used for random pallets and picks the cases layer by layer. This prevents the cases from toppling. Without the need for pre-learning, it can quickly adapt to new cases. Thanks to the intelligent planning of offset suction caps and partitions to grab, a maximum number of cases can be picked at once, increasing the efficiency.

Retail: Depalletizing of cartons

Traditional industrial robots can have issues dealing with random piled pallets and large numbers of boxes that vary in size and shape. So for the customer, a supermarket company, the depalletizing process is complex due to the high requirements on speed and stability. Mech-Mind’s AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution can quickly recognize various boxes and pallet patterns. Even closely piled boxes, with tapes, different patterns, and reflective films do not cause a problem. The intelligent AI algorithm calculates an optimal grasping strategy according to the pallet pattern, enabling robots to handle several boxes at a single grasp. Such an intelligent robot can process 2000 cases per hour, 24 hours/day and therefore increase the productivity and stability of the process.

Pharmaceutical industry: Depalletizing of cartons

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In the warehouse of a large pharmaceutical factory, countless various SKUs, of which most are heavy, pricey, and flimsy, must be depalletized. While manually depalletizing is low-efficient, high-cost, and error-prone, Mech-Mind’s AI+3D industrial robot solution enables robots to work 24 hours a day without tiring, significantly lifting the overall productivity. The powerful 3D vision system generates precise point cloud data while AI algorithms set the suction cup at a proper position, which enables robots to accurately and precisely grab one or several cases. Quick recognition of new cartons and easy handling of various random pallet patterns, help optimize consistency and efficiency.

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