Order picking in warehouse management and intralogistics

Using advanced technologies, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement vision solutions for automated picking in a logistic center. 

Unsorted objects are detected by the artificial intelligence and placed collision-free in defined target containers. The remaining packing volume is always taken into account. The special feature: The AI autonomously calculates the optimal gripping point, even for objects with wrinkles, heterogeneous textures, tapes or cable ties. Thanks to the deep learning  system developed by Mech-Mind Robotics, the system can also reliably identify and sort cardboard boxes and soft packaging.


Core advantages of the Mech-Mind solution


Since product development and manufacturing of Mech-Mind Robotics' logistics solutions are done in China, the attractive price-performance ratio of our all-in-one solutions usually enables a return on investment (ROI) within one year.

Intelligent motion control

Based on artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms, we offer solutions for collision-free movement of very complex objects in challenging environments.

AI-supported and intelligent

A variety of AI algorithms recognize and locate objects with box, bag and bottle shapes in real time and with high precision - without

Seamless integration

Developed with the special needs of the logistics industry in mind, our system solutions for order picking can of course be integrated into your Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Fast order processing thanks to intelligent bin picking

The Mech-Mind Robotics systems clearly recognize objects of various sizes and surface textures. Supported by artificial intelligence. These are defined, sorted and placed collision-free in the target container.


+/- 0.05 mm at 0.6 m distance, up to +/- 3.0 mm at 3 m distance.


Cartons round and square, soft packaging, cans, various plastic packaging, fruit etc.

Cycle time

up to 4 seconds per cycle


Dark, highly reflective or partially transparent objects, from simple to complex structures, are reliably detected.

The Mech-Mind Robotics solution for order picking can handle goods in all imaginable shapes and types. Boxes, small bags, bottles, semi-transparent and black objects, whether sorted or randomly distributed. The goods are commissioned into the respective boxes depending on the order.


Suitable cameras

Pro S

High speed and precision with fields of view up to 800 × 450 mm, suitable for KLT, cardboards and small boxes/crates.  Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces).

to our cameras

Pro M

High speed and precision with fieldsof view up to 1,500 × 890 mm, suitable for one Euro pallet or one mesh box. Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

to our cameras

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