AI-supported workflow

See – Understand – Act

Mech-Mind Robotics offers all-in-one 3D vision solutions for the automation of the most important applications in Industry 4.0 and logistics. From visual object detection to the analysis of three-dimensional point clouds to robot control, all components of our complete solutions are optimally matched to  one another and can be immediately integrated into almost any common robot environment. Intelligent perception-based automation processes can thus be implemented in the shortest possible time and at attractive conditions.

1. See 
Mech-Eye: 3D Camera

Intelligent, high-resolution cameras  in various sizes and configurations.

2. Understanding
Mech-Vision: AI image analysis

Image analysis and processing of 3D point clouds  are performed using artificial intelligence and deep learning, regardless of object size, shape or color.

3. Act
Mech-Viz: Process software

Robot control can be this simple: The purely graphical and code-free programming enables convenient and fast integration.


Our components –
everything from a single source

Mech-Mind Robotics offers  a series of Mech-Eye sensors that meet specific requirements of different applications. Thanks to advanced algorithms in artificial intelligence and Deep Learning, our powerful Mech-Eye cameras  and intuitive machine vision software Mech-Vision could provide accurate 3D data of complex objects. 

Robots are controlled via Mech-Viz, our code-free programming environment. Here as well are intelligent algorithms responsible for tasks such as  motion planning, collision detection, order picking and much more...

All three components are  perfectly adapted. This way, our AI-based all-in-one solution can be integrated into your robot environment in just a few steps.


AI-supported image recognition

The new generation of machine vision software Mech-Vision can perform tasks in a wide variety of areas via a code-free graphical interface: palletizing, machine tending, order picking, gluing and spraying, precise localization, defect detection, size measurement and much more. Algorithms such as 3D vision and deep learning help to master even complex challenges.

to Mech-Vision

Detailed. High resolution. Three-dimensional.

The point clouds from Mech-Mind Robotics

3D imaging is the basis of the Mech-Mind Robotics solution. Supported by intelligent algorithms, Mech-Vision processes the point clouds of the 3D camera. Objects are then recognized with the help of clustering, model and CAD matching, and deep learning. In this way, the system receives information on the component position, size and properties, automatically determines the best gripping point and transfers this to the Mech-Viz robot controller.
point cloud


The Fields of Application of Mech-Mind

Mech-Mind Robotics' intelligent industrial robot solutions are used in the automotive, household, steel and food industries, as well as in logistics centers and even hospitals. 

Are you planning an individual automation process? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to implement a simple and efficient integration solution for your specific requirements with our all-in-one systems.

Bin Picking (Machine Tending)

Whether it's a classic pick into a sorted box or random bin picking with unordered, heterogeneous components, Mech-Mind Robotics enables the automation of any type of machine  tending controlled by machine vision. 

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Order Picking

The Mech-Mind Robotics systems clearly recognize objects of various sizes and surface textures. Supported by artificial intelligence, these are defined, sorted and placed collision-free in the target container.

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Parcel  Picking and Sorting

With the help of intelligent deep learning algorithms , the Mech-Mind Robotics provides cost-effective and easy-to-implement all-in-one solutions for automated sortation of packages in logistics centers and warehouses.

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Palletizing & Depalletizing

Mech-Mind Robotics enables the safe unloading of cartons and bags of various sizes and shapes by robots. Regardless of whether only simple depositing is required or intelligent sorting is desired afterwards. Likewise, the loading of pallets can be intelligently designed with the Mech-Mind Robotics system: structured with optimal space utilization, even with mixed packages.

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Manufacturing: Assembly, Localization & Gluing

By using artificial intelligence, Mech-Mind Robotics enables fully automated assembly processes, such as those required in the automotive, household appliance and furniture industries. High-resolution 3D point clouds ensure the process-safe assembly, screwing and  gluing of complex components - regardless of their size or material composition.

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Compatible robot brands (selection)


Case Studies

Construction equipment manufacturer: Bin Picking of track links

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To increase efficiency with a guaranteed 24-hour production, Mech-Mind’s AI+3D industrial robot solutions enable the automation of bin picking of track links for a large construction equipment manufacturer. The 3D vision system recognizes and locates the track links piled in a deep bin, instructs the robot to grab one by one, double-check front and back side, and place them at a defined area in a fixed position. By using Mech-Eye Laser L, possible interferences of ambient light are significantly reduced and the camera can provide high precision pictures of a wide filed of view. Dozens of workstations have been automated, increasing the daily output up to over 1000 and reducing the costs by 60%.

Retail: Depalletizing of cartons

Traditional industrial robots can have issues dealing with random piled pallets and large numbers of boxes that vary in size and shape. So for the customer, a supermarket company, the depalletizing process is complex due to the high requirements on speed and stability. Mech-Mind’s AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution can quickly recognize various boxes and pallet patterns. Even closely piled boxes, with tapes, different patterns, and reflective films do not cause a problem. The intelligent AI algorithm calculates an optimal grasping strategy according to the pallet pattern, enabling robots to handle several boxes at a single grasp. Such an intelligent robot can process 2000 cases per hour, 24 hours/day and therefore increase the productivity and stability of the process.

Automotive industry: Machine tending of flange discs

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Manual machine tending for heavy objects like flange discs is not friendly to the workers’ health and inefficient. To boost productivity, while maintaining production stability, a large flange disc manufacturer in China decided to automate its production line with Mech-Mind’s AI+3D industrial robotic solution. The superior 3D system guides robots to grab flange discs randomly piled in the deep bin and place them at their correct orientations and sides. This solution is suitable for picking flange discs of various specifications, can generate real-time data of the exact statuses and positions of each flange discs, and with the included intelligent motion planning system calculates the optimal path for the robots, so their movement is precise, stable, and collision-free.


Six Good Reasons for Mech-Mind Robotics

01 Intelligent Solution

Together with our customers, we design individual complete solutions that are simple, fast and flexible to use.

02 Cost Efficient

Automation processes should not only be easy to integrate, but also meet the highest demands. At costs that pay off for every company.

03 Versatile

The all-in-one automation solutions from Mech-Mind Robotics can be flexibly and quickly adapted to the specific requirements of individual application areas. 

04 Plug & Play

After individual assembly of our components, your automation system can be put into operation immediately with all common robot types.

05 Reliable and Stable

In terms of collision avoidance, our products offer optimal safety and high stability throughout the entire motion sequence - even for complex requirements.

06 Easy to Program

Advanced algorithms including collision checking, sigularity avoidance, grasp planning and motion planning are integrated into the system. This allows the user to program faster and helps to avoid errors.


Trade Fairs, Product Innovations, News

Trade Show: VISION 2022, 10/04 - 06/2022, Messe Stuttgart

Visit the experts from Mech-Mind Robotics at our booth in hall 10/ E20 and learn more about the high precision of the new generation of Mech-Eye 3D cameras.
Be inspired by our practical applications…


NEW: Mech-Mind Introduces 4th Generation Mech-Eye PRO Industrial 3D Camera for Medium-range Working Distances Featuring High Accuracy and Fast Scanning

With 100% improved ambient light resistance (applicable to the monochrome version), 75% lower temperature drift, 40% faster scanning speed, and 40% more compact design, the fully-upgraded Mech-Eye PRO…


NEW: Mech-Mind launches brand new 4th generation Mech-Eye LSR

Mech-Mind launches brand new 4th generation Mech-Eye LSR with 100% improved ambient light resistance and 50% reduced size.


Trade Show: ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION 2022, 06/29 - 30/2022, Messehalle Hamburg-Schnelsen

Visit us in Hamburg and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.


Trade Show: automatica 2022, 06/21 - 24/2022, Messe Munich

Visit us in Munich and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.


Trade Show: ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION 2022, 05/11 - 12/2022, Areal Böhler Düsseldorf

Visit us in Düsseldorf and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.


Mech-Mind Robotics celebrates 5th anniversary

It all started 5 years ago, when Tianlan Shao, founder and CEO of Mech-Mind robotics, had the vision of driving the ubiquity of intelligent robots and decided to create some real impact on industrial…


Mech-Mind Robotics Completes Series C+ Funding Led by Meituan and IDG Capital

With a total funding of over USD 200 million, Mech-Mind is driving the ubiquity of intelligent robots.


NEW: The Mech-Eye Laser Industrial 3D Camera to Further Empower AI-defined Robotics

Mech-Mind Launches Next-Gen Mech-Eye Laser Industrial 3D Camera to Further Empower AI-defined Robotics
The new industrial 3D camera presents ambient light resistance, high-accuracy imaging, and…



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