Easy. Fast. Secure.

Mech-DLK integrates the entire work process for training deep learning models and makes it possible to independently, intuitively and quickly train individual neural networks or use already trained models.This saves time and labor costs, simplifying the process while significantly improving training efficiency. 

In addition, Mech-DLK supports a variety of training models, including defect detection, classification, or instance segmentation.The entire process can be performed locally by users without external data transfer, providing a high level of data security.

Mech-DLK is part of the machine vision software Mech-Vision and offers a particularly easy-to-learn use of deep learning models. Mech-DLK is available as an individual product - contact us for more information. 

Powerful AI algorithms

With a variety of powerful AI algorithms, including instance segmentation, image classification, object recognition, and semantic segmentation, users can quickly train a wide range of models. This makes it easy to solve the most challenging applications such as overlapping object detection and classification, high-precision measurements, and more.



Visualized Validation Results

Mech-DLK can perform model validation, show the validation results, and compare the validation results with the annotations.This significantly improves the validation efficiency of image processing solutions.




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