Case Studies

Industry diversity

Industrial robots are needed in almost all industries. This increasingly requires the use of 3D vision solutions. By using deep learning algorithms, the vision system from Mech-Mind Robotics is extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to the requirements of the respective industry. 

Schweißpunkt-Erkennung durch die Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D-Kamera in der Fertigung von Klimageräten

White goods: Spot weld detection

The Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D camera with high precision and anti-reflection generates high quality 3D image data of the welding spots on complex copper tubes, such as those used in the manufacture of air conditioning units. This makes it possible to precisely align the muzzle of a locator with the weld points at various positions on the tube and thus detect leaks. In this way, Mech-Mind Robotics has succeeded in automating the time-consuming process of manual leak detection and drastically reducing error rates in quality control.

Food industry:
Depalletizing of cartons

Manual depalletizing is inefficient when the cartons are large and heavy. Even smaller food factories therefore rely on robust automation solutions for palletizing and depalletizing their product cartons. Robots equipped with the Mech-Mind Robotics 3D vision system detect cartons of different sizes and poses, take them off the pallet  and place them on the conveyor belt. As accurate and clever as in Tetris.

Automotive industry:
Machine tending of crankshafts

Due to their complex structure and reflective surface, crankshafts represent a major challenge for automation processes. Mech-Mind Robotics was able to meet the high requirements of its customer: With the help of a high-precision anti-reflective camera from the Mech-Eye series and AI-supported machine vision, the robot detects the optimal gripping point of the heavy metal objects stacked in a container, picks them up individually and places them safely on the conveyor belt.

Automotive industry: Assembly of wheels

Automation solutions for wheel assembly usually do not fullfill the flexibility requirements of the production line because they require a fixed wheel and assembly position. The solution from Mech-Mind Robotics, on the other hand, can precisely localize both tire and assembly position. Incoming tires are automatically matched to the specified vehicle body and the wheels are mounted in motion. In addition, the system allows the assembly of a wide range of wheel models without the need to adapt the fixtures. 

Automotive industry: Machine loading of brake discs

Brake discs go through several processing steps before they leave the factory. Conventional machine loading is still often done manually. For increasing the productivity, a system from Mech-Mind Robotics was integrated for a customer in the automotive supply industry that detects randomly stacked brake discs, picks them up and places them in the machine tool for processing. By automating the process, production stability was also significantly optimized.

Automotive industry: Picking of reflective components

Manual picking of con-rods is time-consuming, inefficient and costly. However, for conventional automation solutions, their reflective surface often poses a challenge. The high-precision Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced anti-reflective camera easily detects even con-rods that are randomly stacked or densely placed in bins, picks them up collision-free and guides them stably to their destination.

Automotive industry: Sorting of components

A large number of individual components are required in an automotive assembly production line. The automated loading of a wide variety of components can be integrated into the assembly process reliably with the all-in-one solution from Mech-Mind Robotics. The robot selects the required parts, picks them up collision-free and guides them to their destination in a stable manner.

Furniture industry: Bonding of backrests

In image vision, white surfaces mean zero information. Therefore, white is a great challenge for vision-based automation processes. For a furniture manufacturer, Mech-Mind Robotics implemented an AI-supported solution that reliably detects randomly placed white backrest on an assembly line and glues them precisely along defined contours. This is made possible by the use of the high-resolution, low-reflection Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced 3D camera, which generates exact 3D images even of black or reflective components.

Logistics: Parcel sorting at China Post

Mech-Mind robotergestützte Paketsortierung Post China

China Post Group is a rapidly expanding logistics company in mainland of China. Until now, parcels had to be manually placed into roller containers and bags at the sorting center. With the cost-efficient complete solution from Mech-Mind Robotics, parcel sorting has now been fully automated. The intelligent system autonomously distinguishes hard cartons from soft-packed parcels. Singulation problems have been minimized and cycle times significantly increased. The use of robots also avoids close employee contact - thus implementing the requirements for protection against Covid-19.  

Pharmaceutical industry:
Depalletizing of sacks

The customer's requirement sounds simple: A robot is to pick up stacked, solid white bags individually and place them in a machine. But many   vision systems have problems recognizing densely packed, wrinkled bags of different sizes. With our Mech-Eye 3D camera with a wide field of view and the intelligent Mech-Vision software for precise processing of 3D point clouds, Mech-Mind Robotics implements a process-safe solution.

Steel treatment: Barcode marking of steel bars

robotergestützte Markierung von Stahlstäben

They reflect, they are bulky - and they make a lot of noise with every hand movement. Manual marking of steel bars is neither efficient nor reasonable for employees for longer periods of time. The problem: The difficult is the detection of randomly stacked steel bars for many camera sensors. By choosing the right camera component and supporting intelligent algorithms in machine vision, Mech-Mind Robotics has succeeded in satisfying the specific customer requirements: A fast and uniform marking of steel bars with barcodes.

Steel treatment: Machine loading of metal rings

Metal rings are reflective and often have different diameters. Conventional machine vision solutions can only detect such components with difficulty. For our customer in the metalworking industry, Mech-Mind Robotics implemented a system solution that enables the robot to remove densely packed parts individually from a deep container and deposit them at the target location. With the help of integrated algorithms such as Deep Learning, even randomly arranged or closely spaced metal rings (minimum distance of 0) no longer cause any problems.

White goods: High-precision assembly of heating panels

Heating panels are central components in air conditioning units. Until now, the irregularly stacked, complexly structured heating panels could not be reliably processed in the existing automation system of a white goods manufacturer. Mech-Mind Robotics installed a realistic test environment with the customer's original components in its own laboratory. Using a Mech-Eye 3D camera with a large field of view and Mech-Vision intelligent machine vision, a solution was delivered that achieves 99.99% accuracy in AI-assisted assembly.