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Intelligent complete solutions for automation –
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Mech-Mind Robotics offers you a holistic 3D vision concept for the automation of a wide range of applications: from industrial manufacturing with the help of robot-enabled machine tending  and order picking to smart warehouse and intralogistics. Each all-in-one solution includes the powerful 3D camera sensors Mech-Eye, the intuitive software Mech-Vision for machine vision of three-dimensional point clouds, and the graphical environment Mech-Viz for code-free robot programming.

AI-supported workflow

See – Understand – Act

1. See 
Mech-Eye: 3D Cameras

Intelligent, high-resolution cameras in various sizes and configurations.

2. Understanding
Mech-Vision: AI image analysis

Image analysis and processing of 3D point clouds is performed using artificial intelligence and deep learning, regardless of object size, shape, and color.

3. Act
Mech-Viz: Process Software

Robot control can be this simple: The purely graphical and code-free programming enables convenient, fast integration.

Perfectly integrated artificial intelligence

Let the camera decide: Use Mech-Mind Robotics AI-based classification, segmentation or grip point prediction where classical machine vision algorithms reach their limits. Pre-trained neural networks are available for this purpose. Or you can simply train them yourself. Locally - without uploading data to the cloud. 


The module that fits into every work process.

Behind the all-in-one concept of Mech-Mind Robotics is a simple idea: the development of a complete solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into any vision-controlled automation environment. Independent of robot models and manufacturers. 

Mech-Mind Robotics uses algorithms and artificial intelligence developed in-house to ensure highly precise processing of 3D images. With the help of deep learning, the system autonomously analyzes the image data from the  highly precise cameras. In this way, the robots understand what they see and can, for example, determine the ideal gripping point of objects themselves.

The robot control is also AI-supported and generates fast, collision-free motion sequences. Programming via Mech-Viz is purely graphical and completely code-free. Every common robot type can be controlled with it. If a special robot type is not yet supported, Mech-Mind Robotics can usually integrate it with little effort.

Support & Service

Full Service –
competent & uncomplicated

Technical support

By phone, web-based - or even on site. Our technical service team responds quickly and competently to your questions - in German or English. Because we know our customers' requirement profiles inside out, our service specialists find the optimal solution for every challenge.

Test phase &
integration concept

In our lab in Munich, we simulate your individual application requirements - gladly with original test objects that you provide us with.  We can also set up a real test environment on your premises. This gives you the full assurance that our integration concept, developed exactly for your needs, will work successfully.

Trainings & Workshops

Whether in online workshops or on-site employee training - benefit from the know-how and practical experience of our development and service team. We will be happy to put together your personal, needs-based training and development program.


Fast delivery and deployment

At Mech-Mind Robotics you order quickly, easily and without long delivery time. Our camera solutions and hardware components are in stock at our location in Germany or can be delivered at short notice. We process your order quickly and reliably.

Hotline:  +49 (0) 89 89 46 44 84

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