Case Studies: New success stories

Mech-Eye 3D cameras are deployed in more and more companies around the globe. We have now published many new case studies.

Automation is changing and becoming ever more flexible. Mech-Mind 3D cameras and the matching software solutions are increasingly part of this revolution. With a rapidly growing customer base worldwide, our experience and market penetration is growing. As part of this, Mech-Mind has published numerous new case studies.

The new case studies show the wide range of industries and applications in which 3D cameras are used. Whether stacking car body parts, depalletizing wrinkled sacks or assembling washing machine drums - 3D cameras enable the automation of complex production steps.

Here you will find an overview of the latest case studies, sorted by industry:

These case studies are not only a tribute to our technology, but also to our mission to provide the perfect 3D vision solution for our customers in various industries. Our 3D cameras are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D-imaging, helping our customers to be more productive and efficient.

You can find an overview of all case studies on our website.