Case Study

Customer Requirement

As the washing machine drums are bulky and picking them manually can be extremely labor-intensive, the large home appliance factory wanted to automate the washing machine assembly process. Vision-guided robots should recognize the orientation of inner drums and assemble them into the outer drum accurately and quickly.

The Mech-Mind Solution

  • Mech-Eye PRO M generates high-quality 3D point clouds of the thin-walled outer drums with complex structures.
  • The 3D vision system checks the outer drums' orientation and locates the bearing holes' exact positions at drum bottoms.
  • Designed compact and lightweight, Mech-Eye PRO M is easily installed at the end of the robot arm and shows outstanding flexibility in compact space.
  • Path planning and collision detection algorithms guide the robots to accurately assemble the inner drums into the outer drums without collisions.

PRO_M.jpg (4583├Ś2950)



  • The fully automated assembly process eliminates errors, increases assembly accuracy, and improves production efficiency.
  • 24/7 stable operation without manual intervention.


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