Case Study

Customer demand

This company has to handle a large number of different cartons and styrofoam boxes every day in inbound and outbound operations. Since the upper part of the case is not closed, different cartons or foam boxes are stacked in four areas on one pallet space. The whole process is complex and requires high speed and stability. Therefor the customer decided to automate the inbound and outbound operations with 3D vision-guided robots. 


  • Some cases are open at the top
  • Different sizes and materials
  • Partly incomplete pallets

The Mech-Mind Solution

In total, there are six pallets and three Mech-Eye 3D cameras. Each camera is installed on a linear servo and covers two pallets. The Mech-Eye industrial 3D camera moves between two pallets to capture images of the crates on each pallet for accurate depalletizing and palletizing. 

  • One camera, two pallets: The Mech-Eye DEEP 3D camera is installed on a linear servo to capture two pallets.
  • The 3D vision system quickly identifies the cartons by detecting the outer edge.
  • The automated robotic cell can also depalletize incomplete pallets independently.
  • Fast detection of new cartons without prior information.
  • Cooperation with AGV, conveyor belt and warehouse management system.
  • Intelligent algorithms for path planning and collision detection guarantee reliable depalletizing and palletizing.


The fully automated production line can now run stably without manual intervention.


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