Trade Show: ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION 2022, 06/29 - 30/2022, Messehalle Hamburg-Schnelsen

Visit us in Hamburg and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.

About "all about automation"

All about automation allows you to experience systems, components, software and engineering for industrial automation and industrial communication. Regional, compact & relevant.

Application highlights

  • Bin Picking
    Whether it's a classic reach pick out of a box with sorted parts, or random bin picking with chaotic and heterogeneous parts - Mech-Mind Robotics enables any type of machine tending controlled by machine vision.
  • Pick & Place

    The precise detection of objects of different sizes, shapes and surface structures in combination with intelligent algorithms such as path planning and collision detection - with this Mech-Mind Robotics enables precise removal of objects and safe depositing at the desired destination.

Our all-in-one solution

a complete solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into any vision-controlled automation environment

Connect with Mech-Mind Robotics’ experts on our booth OG-125 to discuss your specific needs. 

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