NEW: Mech-Mind launches brand new 4th generation Mech-Eye LSR

Mech-Mind launches brand new 4th generation Mech-Eye LSR with 100% improved ambient light resistance and 50% reduced size.

Beijing, August 8, 2022 - Mech-Mind introduces the 4th generation Mech-Eye LSR industrial 3D camera. Compared to the previous generation, the new Mech-Eye LSR features 100% improved ambient light resistance, 40% enhanced performance for reflection, and is 50% more compact. On top, Mech-Eye LSR is now providing colored 3D point clouds for better 3D imaging.

The improved performance, combined with high accuracy and large FOV, enables the new Mech-Eye LSR to better accomplish demanding robotic applications with outstanding stability, high reliability, and further enhanced flexibility.

Mech-Eye LSR has been implemented for various typical applications, including bin picking, localization, gluing, spraying, welding, etc.

The remarkable performance of the new Mech-Eye LSR was already recognized by the judges of the 2022 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards with the Gold Award.

1) 100% improved ambient light resistance to generate images under light conditions of >30,000 lx

Under challenging light conditions of > 30,000lx, the all-new Mech-Eye LSR delivers accurate 3D point clouds with outstanding accuracy and precise details.

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Gearbox housings

The 100% improved ambient light resistance of Mech-Eye LSR allows generating images even under light conditions of up to 100,000 lx. This guarantees consistent operation while minimizing the need for shadowing facilities.

2) 40% enhanced performance for reflection thanks to advanced optical algorithms and technologies

With advanced optical algorithms and technologies, Mech-Eye LSR provides enhanced performance for reflection, enabling the handling of all kinds of reflective objects such as polished metal parts, shiny workpieces, glossy packaging, etc.
Reflective parts

3) Shortened cycle time with faster image acquisition

Thanks to the innovative high-speed structured laser light technology, the image acquisition time of Mech-Eye LSR can be as low as 0.5s (acquisition time depends on specific materials and actual environment). The faster image acquisition time, combined with Mech-Eye LSR’S high accuracy (1.0 mm @ 3 m) and large FOV (3000×2400 @ 3.0 m), enables precise execution of all typical large FOV robotic applications with shorter cycle times.

4) Colored 3D point clouds for better object manipulation

The new Mech-Eye LSR can provide accurate and perfectly-aligned colored 3D point clouds of all kinds of objects, enabling challenging applications requiring high accuracy, such as tote/sack/case depalletizing, metal parts picking, etc.

Colored cartons & colored sacks

5) 50% more compact, easy to use & deploy

With a 50% reduced size, Mech-Eye LSR still provides its remarkable large FOV. It can handle large parts, bins, pallets, and other large FOV robotic guidance applications, offering enhanced flexibility while significantly reducing the payload of robots.

In addition, Mech-Eye LSR offers multi-language and -platform SDKs, a universal interface, which supports GenlCam, and is compatible with Halcon and other machine vision software.

By combining Mech-Eye PRO with Mech-Vision, the graphical machine vision software and Mech-Viz, the intelligent robot programming environment, users can easily and fast implement various robotic applications.

6) Best-in-class industrial grade camera with competitive price

Mech-Eye LSR industrial 3D camera offers a fully-enclosed aluminum alloy housing, combining light weight with high ruggedness.

It provides IP65-rated water and dust protection and is CE, FCC, VCCI, RoHS, and MTBF (40,000 hours) certified. So even in harsh environments with dust, vibration, humidity, electromagnetic interference, and high temperature, Mech-Eye LSR will perform challenging tasks with great consistency and exceptional performance.

Mech-Eye LSR is the perfect solution for large FOV robotic guidance applications in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, home appliance, construction machinery, etc. Equipped with the most advanced technologies, Mech-Eye LSR provides unmatched performance and can be used to master any typical robotic guidance application futureproof, bringing your production to the next level with a reasonable investment.


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