Automatica 2023 Review

Mech-Mind Robotics successfull appearance at automatica 2023

From June 27-30, 2023, the specialist for 3D cameras and AI-supported 3D vision solutions presented a successful appearance at the world's leading trade fair for the automation industry.
The open booth inspired with a lively mix of modern design, practical application examples, interactive workstations, where visitors could convince themselves of the performance and precise 3D point clouds of the Mech-Eye 3D cameras, and a completely revised 3D camera portfolio with future-oriented product innovations. Mech-Mind Robotics also introduced its new partner program for integrators and OEMs.

With around 40,000 visitors from 88 countries, the most important automation trade fair in Europe proved its leading character and great innovative power. The top ten visitor countries after Germany were Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, South Korea, China, Poland, Netherlands, Slovenia and USA.



Just in time for the world's leading trade fair, Mech-Mind Robotics presented the revised 3D camera portfolio with optimized scanning speed, improved ambient light resistance and a lighter and more compact design for more flexible mounting options. In addition, the LSR S 3D camera and LNX-8000 series line scanners, two future product innovations, were unveiled to the public for the first time.

Preview: Mech-Eye LSR S 3D Camera
The newest Mech-Eye laser camera, is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor medium range applications. The combination of high ambient light resistance, IP67 protection and a wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for outdoor applications in direct sunlight.

Preview: Mech-Eye 3D-Laser-Profiler LNX-8000 SerieThe LNX-8000 3D laser profiler series is specifically designed for industrial measurement and inspection applications in the consumer electronics, EV battery and automotive industries. With 4K resolution and ultra-high scan rate (up to 15kHz), the LNX-8000 series delivers highly accurate 3D data of tiny features and defects at high speed.



An absolute visitor magnet were the many practical application examples that inspired the expert audience and also demonstrated the diverse areas of application of the Mech-Eye 3D cameras in automated industrial applications. With innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-efficient and easy-to-implement solutions for numerous applications in a wide range of industries.


The picking station using PickAnything - Mech-Mind's solution for picking unknown objects - vividly demonstrated how easily picking tasks can be implemented using 3D vision. Visitors could use a touch screen to select different objects, which were then picked by the vision-guided robot and then conveyed to the output station. Developed as a plug-and-play module, the picking system enables use within a few hours of set-up, saving time and costs.

Measurement of holes and flatness of a cylinder head

Mech-Mind's inline 3D measurement system provides powerful 3D measurement solutions for numerous processes in inspection and manufacturing. When measuring holes and flatness of a cylinder head, the Mech-Eye UHP-140, which was specially developed for high-precision applications in the micrometer range, demonstrated its measuring accuracy of up to 0.03 mm.  Even for polished, highly reflective and shiny parts, it delivers accurate and detailed 3D point clouds. Blind spots are effectively reduced thanks to the new image fusion algorithm.

Palletizing & Depalletizing

In this application, trade show visitors were able to choose how many cartons of which type should be palletized and depalletized. Thanks to pre-integrated palletizing & depalletizing projects in the software, Mech-Mind Robotics enables cost-effective and easy-to-implement automation solutions for logistics. The intelligent loading and unloading of pallets and cartons is AI-supported with optimal space and room utilization.

Bin picking and positioned placement of metal parts

Automating the removal of items from deep bins has always been a challenge. With Mech-Mind's AI + 3D vision solution, any kind of bin picking succeeds even in difficult ambient light conditions. Even randomly stacked objects with dark or reflective surfaces and complex structures are reliably detected. After determining the optimal gripping point, the robot can precisely pick and place any object from deep bins without damaging the objects.

Localization & Path Planning

The Mech-Mind 3D vision system enables robots to perform complex assembly, localization and automation tasks with high accuracy and remarkable dexterity. This application demonstrated how accurately the Mech-Eye camera detects the position and orientation of the workpiece, which is followed by path planning using the Mech-Viz robot control software. Advanced algorithms such as collision detection, gripping position planning and motion planning enable fast programming and error prevention.

Mounting of a brake disc on a wheel hub

This application demonstrated how the use of 3D vision can provide highly accurate localization for the most demanding assembly applications, even when part positions are constantly changing. With a working distance of 300 mm - 600 mm and high accuracy, the Mech-Eye NANO 3D camera is ideal for these applications in conjunction with a cobot. Due to the light weight and compact design, the NANO can be easily attached to any cobot and robot wrist.


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