Mech-Mind Robotics celebrates 5th anniversary

It all started 5 years ago, when Tianlan Shao, founder and CEO of Mech-Mind robotics, had the vision of driving the ubiquity of intelligent robots and decided to create some real impact on industrial automation.

After having studied computer software at Tsinghua University and receiving his master’s degree in informatics from TU Munich, Tianlan worked for several years for a famous collaborative robot company in Germany. In October 2016 he took the chance and founded Mech-Mind Robotics, with the goal of combining his informatics knowledge with the robotics world.

Driven by the philosophy to empower partners with competitive products and comprehensive service, all products and solutions are designed to fundamentally reduce the manufacturing pain points by utilizing the best practice of AI and human-robotics interaction.

Take the new generation of Mech-Eye 3D cameras for example. With advancements in resolution and precision, Mech-Eye 3D industrial cameras can generate complete, detailed, and accurate point clouds with native and perfectly aligned color for a wide variety of objects, including plastic, ceramic, metal, cardboard, and wood.

Combining high-quality 3D imaging with intelligent path planning, the Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras portfolio includes:

  • Mech-Eye Laser:

Equipped with fast structured light, Mech-Eye Laser boasts ambient light resistance, significantly reducing shading facility requirements even under sunlight exceeding 10,000 lux.

  • Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced:

Featuring high-quality imaging of a broad range of objects, Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced expands the boundary of pick-and-place applications.

  • Mech-Eye Pro L:

With a large field of view and extra depth accuracy, Mech-Eye Pro L can even recognize tightly-packed wrinkled sacks of different sizes.

  • Mech-Eye Nano:

Combining small size with high-quality image processing, Mech-Eye Nano helps robotic arms to better understand and interact with their surroundings.


Mech-Eye 3D industrial cameras have been deployed worldwide in over 1,000 applications across wide-ranging industries, including manufacturing, steel, food, logistics, finance, and healthcare.

With now over 500 employees, Mech-Mind has developed a full R&D infrastructure and product portfolio including 3D cameras, machine vision algorithms and software, and intelligent robot programming . Thanks to the extensive technical knowledge in 3D sensing, vision and robotics algorithms, robotics software, and industry application solutions, Mech-Mind filed dozens of patents and software copyright applications over the last 5 years.

Over the time, Mech-Mind has become one of the leading companies for 3D vision in Asia. Having been selected as 2019 Intel AI 100 Best Innovation Incentive Program and Microsoft Scaleup Member Enterprise shows the high reputation Mech-Mind gained in this short time.

In September 2021, Mech-Mind Robotics has completed Series C+ funding led by tech giant Meituan and IDG Capital, with participation from existing investors including Sequoia Capital China and Source Code Capital. This latest investment brings Mech-Mind’s total funding to over USD 200 million, making Mech-Mind one of the world’s most funded AI+ industrial robotics startups. Mech-Mind's previous investors also included Intel, Qiming Venture Capital, Delian Capital and China Growth Capital.

With offices in Japan and Germany, Mech-Mind is excited to extend the support of global partners. Thanks to its market and technology leadership in automation, Mech-Mind is strongly positioned for future growth, by helping industries improve productivity and moving forward on the way of automation.

AI-enabled automation is defining the modern economy. Especially automotive manufacturing is undergoing a transformation driven by the demand for modern manufacturing methods. Cars are becoming more complex and customized since the onset of industrial automation. Today’s vehicle manufacturers need smarter robotics to handle increasingly sophisticated assemblies.

“Our products have been widely deployed, enabling us to acquire profound experience from real-life applications. Moving forward, Mech-Mind will focus on empowering robotics solutions providers and integrators to create more solutions and applications.” says Tianlan Shao, Mech-Mind Robotics CEO and founder.