Case Study

Customer demand

Six product variants of counterweights are to be automatically depalletized in this plant. Counterweights with different orientations and dark surfaces pose additional challenges for image recognition. In addition, the deformable anti-slip plates between the counterweights make it difficult to capture complete 3D data and make accurate positioning and recognition a difficult task.

The Mech-Mind Solution

The Mech-Eye LSR L 3D camera captures clear 3D point clouds of the dark, complex-shaped counterweights. The robot then picks the counterweights from the pallet and places them on a conveyor belt for further processing or assembly in the washing machine. 

  • The wide field of view (FOV) enables the detection of large pallets (1000*1200*580 mm)
  • Resistant to strong ambient light (> 30,000 lx)
  • Handling of counterweights with different orientations
  • Precise positioning of the deformable anti-slip plates for stable picking
  • Adaptation to six product variants of counterweights



  • Cycle time: ≤ 4 seconds
  • Successful recognition rate: ≥ 99%



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