Case Study

Customer Requirement

There are hundreds of types of compressor crankshafts in the factory. The vision-guided robots should be able to recognize various crankshafts and check their orientation before placing them at the desired location.

The Mech-Mind Solution

  • Mech-Eye LSR L, featuring high accuracy, provides high-quality 3D point clouds of crankshafts with reflective surfaces and oil coating.
  • The 3D vision system detects parts and checks the part orientation. Advanced AI algorithms calculate the best pick point and guide robots to pick each part fast and accurately.
  • With a multifunction gripper, the robot can also perfectly handle deformable intermediate foam boards after finishing picking an entire layer of parts.
  • Mech-Eye LSR L secures solid performance under strong ambient light interference (> 30,000 lx).


compressor_crankshaft-loading.png (800×448)


  • The vision recognition success rate is > 99.99% thanks to built-in advanced deep learning algorithms.
  • Stable operation without manual intervention.


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