Case Study

Customer Demand

Counterweights are important components of drum washing machines, which add inertia to the body of the washing machine and reduce the amplitude of vibration, so that the washing machine remains stable during operation. There is a great demand for counterweights among manufacturers of household electrical appliances. Counterweights are diverse and heavy, and traditional manual assembly is often characterized by assembly errors, low efficiency and high cost.

Therefore, the customer expects the robots to pick up densely stacked dark counterweights of various sizes. However, the counterweights are stacked in a confined space, and most have dark surfaces. Conventional robot automation solutions have not had the singularity detection function, so dark counterweights could not be well detected and accurately picked.


  • The counterweights are densely stacked - yet they must be reliably detected.
  • In addition, dark surfaces and complex structures make detection via 3D vision systems difficult.
  • Harsh environmental conditions in the production facility require a high level of protection for the camera.

The Mech-Mind Solution

The high-resolution industrial 3D camera Mech-Eye LSR L quickly detects the randomly stacked counterweights with dark surfaces and complex structures. The Mech-Eye LSR L camera has a large field of view that allows robots to pick objects from a large container or pallet.

  • The Mech-Eye LSR L has a high level of protection and is suitable for harsh environments such as dust and vibration.
  • By attaching the Mech-Eye LSR industrial 3D camera to the mechanical arm (Eye in Hand), 3D scanning is especially fast.
  • Built-in advanced AI technologies such as Deep Learning guide the robot to detect the randomly stacked counterweights on pallets and pick them one by one with high accuracy.
  • Intelligent path planning algorithms enable the robots to pick along the specified route, avoiding collisions.
  • The code-free and visualized Mech-Viz robot programming software is quick to deploy and easy to use, allowing users to quickly implement various applications, such as tote picking or machine loading.



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