Case Study

Customer Demand

The customer wants the robots to recognize white seat backrests that are randomly placed on the assembly line and glue them along specific contours. Conventional vision solutions do not detect white parts well, and the robots cannot perform the gluing precisely.


  • The backrests are placed randomly on a conveyor belt.
  • Despite the white color, the components must be reliably detected.

The Mech-Mind Solution

The 3D vision system detects and identifies the white backrests. The system then guides the robot arm in dispensing the glue based on the detected contours.

Robots equipped with the high-precision Mech-Eye PRO M 3D camera can detect a wide range of parts, such as white parts, parts with reflective or dark (including black) surfaces, randomly arranged or densely packed parts, without compromising detection.

The Mech-Vision image processing software and the Mech-Viz robot programming software allow users to quickly implement various applications. Integrated advanced algorithms such as collision detection and path planning ensure collision-free robot operation.



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