Case Study

Customer Demand

The compressor is a core part of the air conditioner, and every air conditioner is equipped with a compressor, so all major air conditioner manufacturers have a very large demand for compressor assembly.

Compressors are bottle-shaped and painted black, resulting in a highly reflective surfaces. The size of the compressor varies depending on the model of the air conditioner. The smallest compressor already weighs more than 20 kg, and manual handling and assembly can only be done with the help of machines, resulting in low efficiency.

So the customer expects robots to detect and pick up tightly packed compressors. Then recognize the position to be mounted and install the compressor on the base plate of the air conditioner's outdoor unit as specified.

Since conventional robotic automation solutions have difficulty detecting black parts with highly reflective surfaces, robots have been less efficient and less stable during the picking process.


  • The compressors are difficult to detect for vision systems due to the black color and the reflective surface.
  • The compressors are densely packed on a load carrier. Nevertheless, the individual compressors must be reliably detected.
  • The system must be able to handle compressors of different sizes.


The Mech-Mind Solution

The 3D vision guided robot detects, locates and picks up the dark and shiny compressors and then mounts them on the base plate of the air conditioners. The Mech-Eye PRO M industrial 3D camera is highly accurate and particularly well suited for reflective objects. Therefore, high-quality 3D data can still be generated for black parts with highly reflective surfaces. Picking and placement accuracy is better than 1mm - which meets assembly requirements.

  • The Mech-Eye Industrial 3D camera comes with a high protection level and can adapt to the harsh environment such as dust and vibration.
  • With the Mech-Eye PRO M industrial 3D camera mounted on the robot arm (Eye in Hand), the field of view is more flexible. At the same time, this allows the system to adapt more easily to the base plates of the air conditioning units - which in turn saves costs.
  • The system offers integrated advanced image processing algorithms, such as Deep Learning, which allow the robot to detect the black compressors of different sizes and with highly reflective surfaces and pick them individually. The high detection and pick rates required by the customer can therefore be met.
  • With customized collection tools, the robots can recognize hundreds of new compressor models in a short time.
  • The intelligent path planning algorithm optimizes the robot's movement speed, while avoiding collisions and ensuring stability in the process. The robot also works with the moving assembly line. 
  • The Mech-Viz robot programming software supports almost all major brand robots.



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