Parcel picking in logistics

With the help of intelligent Deep Learning models tailored to logistics, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement all-in-one solutions for automated sorting of packages in logistics centers and warehouse areas.

Parcels and packages of different sizes and properties are automatically detected by the system and the optimum gripping point is determined.


Core advantages of the Mech-Mind solution


Mech-Mind Robotics offers the logistics industry complete automation solutions from a single source. Due to the easy deployment of our 3D vision systems, you usually achieve a return on investment (ROI) of less than one year.

Intelligent motion control

Built on powerful AI algorithms, our solutions recognize and analyze a wide variety of situations and environments. Collision-free path planning with monitoring of the robot singularity is thus given in a process-safe manner.

AI-supported and intelligent

With our sophisticated algorithms such as path planning and collision monitoring, we implement process-safe and easy-to-use all-in-one solutions for a wide range of applications in intralogistics.

Easy deployment

With the visualized and code-free programming interface Mech-Viz, motion sequences can be programmed with just a few mouse clicks. The integrated, three-dimensional simulation allows you to make further optimizations in advance.


Efficient unloading of containers and swap bodies

Sorting cartons and packaging is a special challenge for classic 3D machine vision systems: Almost every unit looks different, no model is available for any object. In addition, the packages are always delivered chaotically. Successful implementation is only possible with the use of intelligent deep learning algorithms, such as those provided by Mech-Mind Robotics.


0.05 mm to 600 mm with an Enhanced Camera.


Support of randomly arranged objects with different sizes, shapes and surface textures.

Cycle time

up to 3 seconds per cycle


Even dark or highly reflective parts with complex structures are reliably detected

Mech-Mind Robotics offers easy-to-implement, vision-guided complete turnkey solutions for picking packages. All sizes and types of packages are supported, such as common shipping packages, poly bags or envelopes. The all-in-one solution supports objects of different sizes, textures, tapes and barcodes. Both densely packed objects and randomly placed objects are detected.


Suitable cameras

Pro S

High speed and precision with fields of view up to 800 × 450 mm, suitable for KLT, cardboards and small boxes/crates.  Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

to our cameras

Pro M

High speed and precision with fieldsof view up to 1,500 × 890 mm, suitable for one Euro pallet or one mesh box. Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces). 

to our cameras

Pro L

High speed and precision with fields of view up to 2.830 × 3.320 mm. Suitable for two Euro pallets or two mesh boxes.  Can reliably detect various objects (including objects with black or highly reflective surfaces).

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Case Studies

Logistics: Parcel sorting at China Post

Mech-Mind robotergestützte Paketsortierung Post China

China Post Group is a rapidly expanding logistics company in mainland of China. Until now, parcels had to be manually placed into roller containers and bags at the sorting center. With the cost-efficient complete solution from Mech-Mind Robotics, parcel sorting has now been fully automated. The intelligent system autonomously distinguishes hard cartons from soft-packed parcels. Singulation problems have been minimized and cycle times significantly increased. The use of robots also avoids close employee contact - thus implementing the requirements for protection against Covid-19.  

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